Business Name Registration in Kenya

Business name (sole proprietorship) is a business structure operated and owned by one person. The owner is the sole decision maker in the business and is liable for all the losses and returns of the business. In most cases it is usually a business structure for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Steps of application:

  • Reservation of business name.
  • After reservation, one proceeds to register the business name.
  • The person(s) registering the business name must specify the nature of business in one line e.g Stationary, Food Stuff, Hardware.
  • The application must indicate the physical address of the business that is; plot number, Road and Town.
  • Indicate the postal code, address and town to be used by the business..
  • Indicate the proprietor(s) details: the name(s) should be in full as per the ID Number and all details must be filled in.
  • Download the system generated form.
  • All partners/proprietors must sign on the downloaded form; kindly number the signatures in the order of the names on the form
  • the application is done online via e-citizen

contact ocl business associates for business name registration in Kenya.