Company for sale in Kenya

Starting a company is an idea that may make you a nice lump sum of your capital but buying may be more needing because it’s a one-time transaction but it’s most beneficial than starting a business from the scratch. starting a business is risky and time-consuming. An entrepreneur has to look for capital, employees, and all resources required to enable the business to start operating.

That said, risk is part of an entrepreneur’s journey and if you have your mind set on buying a business, take the following appropriate steps to guard yourself against liability.

Some people prefer buying businesses because they want to avoid the hassle involved in creating one. Starting a business is pretty hard compared to buying a profitable business. Besides this, people buy businesses because they enjoy the fact that everything is in place and they enjoy having the business bring in profit from day one.

What to consider when buying a company

the Competition

evaluate and analyze the intensity of the competition that it faces. Do not buy a business if you realize that the competition is so intense for you to handle.

founder’s skills

always find out what worked and what didn’t work so that you are more aware of what changes to make.

the Political stability

people sell their business enterprises after sensing political instability in their regions.

Always know the reasons for selling the business. Sometimes some entrepreneurs sell their businesses after noticing a big problem that the business might encounter in future.

 the Profitability

profitability greatly determines the price at which you will buy the business. For instance, if you discover that the business is not profitable, you have the right to buy it at a low price. On the other hand, the business owner is justified to sell the business at a high price if it’s a profitable business.

you might want to guard yourself against future claims by the owner’s ‘sleeping partners’ or family members who might show up when business is booming to lay claim to your business.

If you think you might be better off buying an existing business rather than starting one, do a critical analysis.

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