Company Registration in Kenya Today

All business registrations are processed through the business registration system(BRS).This is a system provided by the registrar of companies for the purposes of business registration in Kenya.

The process involve creation of e-citizen account.

The procedure involves.

  1. Name search
  2. Execution of Form CR1 Application for Limited company, unlimited company or company limited by guarantee.
  3. Execution of Form CR2 (Model memorandum for a company with share capital) and where applicable Drafting of Memorandums and Articles of association
  4. Execution of Form CR8 Notice of address of Directors.
  5. Statement of Nominal Capital Form

All this forms will be signed and scaned,then attached to the brs system through e-citizen account

Once all the forms are processed, Signed and resubmitted , the application is ready for Registration.

The certificate of incorporation and cr 12 certificate are then downloaded from the system when the registration has been approved.

Requirements for registration of a limited company in Kenya.

  1. Proposed company name /s for search – 5 names in order of priority.
  2. Objectives of the company
  3. Names of the shareholders / directors in full
  4. Postal Addresses of the directors
  5. Division of shares between the shareholders. Nominal capital is divisible by the value of the shares to determine the number of share available for allotment.
  6. Proposes physical address of the company in Kenya. (road, plot no. town)
  7. Residential Physical address of the Directors. That is – Estate/ village/ location, house number / plot number/ road, town, county.
  8. Telephone numbers of the Directors / Shareholder.
  9. Email address of the directors / Shareholders.
  10. Email address of the company. Different from director emails.
  11. Scan of ID or Passport of applicant.
  12.  Passport photos of shareholder / directors.

The process of company registration in Kenya takes at least five days

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