Company Registration

This process of registration is now online and is done on the E-Citizen platform.

This is the procedure to register your private limited company/public company.

1.create an e-citizen account

2.log into your e-citizen account business registration service-private limited company.

4.Apply for reservation of the company name. Submit at least 3 names in order of priority.  

5.Fill in the primary business activity of the company.

6.Upload the articles of association or adopt the model articles.

7.Fill in the requires details and download forms cr 1 cr 2 cr 8, statement of nominal capital and BOF form, have them signed by the directors/shareholders

8.scan and upload the forms. wait for the registrar office to work on your application. your certificate after the registrar of companies has approved the registration of your company

contact ocl business associates for this services.