What is CR 12 in  Kenya, or Cr 12 Certificate?

CR 12 Kenya – A CR 12 is an official and legal confirmation or Certificate by the Registrar of Companies in Kenya indicating the details and the directors and shareholders of a Company. In addition, it confirms that the company’s records exist at the Company registry and the same is signed off by the Registrar highlighting the following details;

  • The list of shareholders, Postal Addresses and respective shareholding;
  • The list of Directors and their postal addresses
  • The Registered office of the Company
  • Any debentures, charges or encumbrances registered against the company.

CR12 Application Kenya

A CR 12 application is done online at e citizen must have linked his or her company so that to generate the cr 12 certificate online.

When can you apply for a CR 12 in Kenya?

  • Upon Company registration in Kenya
  • After filing annual Returns
  • After making any changes in the shareholding of your company
  • After making changes in the directorship of your company
  • After increasing/decreasing share capital of your company

What is the duration of getting a CR 12?

its instance if the company is up to date with annual returns filling and payments.

Are there cases where I might not be able to get a CR 12?

Your company will not get a CR 12 if all the company records including annual returns have not been filed. The Registrar will notify you as to the reasons why the CR 12 could not be issued.

What are the documents Required?

  • the personal e citizen account for the directors or if a third party ones e citizen personal account.

CR12 mandatory for registered companies that are applying for Tenders, AGPO registration and seeking Bank loans and many other reasons.

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