Foreign companies registrations in Kenya

A Foreign company is a company that has a legal status in a foreign country and operates under the laws of that country outside of Kenya can do business in Kenya by registering a branch. Once the registrar of companies issues a certificate of compliance, the company has met all the requirements.

Requirements for Foreign Company Registration in Kenya

  • Certified copies of foreign company’s memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Certified copy of the certificate of Incorporation duly certified by a Notary Public.
  • If in a Foreign Language, certified copies of translated documents by a Notary Public.
  • Appointment of a Local representative of the Foreign Company in Kenya.
  • The registered address of the Foreign Company in the County of registration.
  • Notification of directors’ residential address (Form CR8)
  • Proposed registered address in Kenya.
  • Copies of Passport and passport photos of the Directors/shareholders.

Prescribed Forms for Foreign company Registration.

  • Form 236, is the List of documents submitted for registration by a company incorporated outside Kenya.
  • Form 237, is the List and particulars of directors and secretary of a foreign company incorporated outside Kenya.
  • Form 238, List of names and addresses of the individuals resident in Kenya authorized to receive service on behalf of a foreign company incorporated outside Kenya.
  • Form 250 is the Notice of the location of the registered or principal office or change notification of an overseas company incorporated outside Kenya.

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