foreigners investing in Kenya companies

foreigners investing in Kenya companies

Foreign private limited company

The following documents are required for company registration

 A certified copy of the foreign company’s current certificate of Formation or incorporation or registration in the company’s place of origin

 A certified copy of the company’s constitution (memorandum and articles of association)

A list of the names of the company’s directors and shareholders, and their personal details 

 Notice of the address of the company’s registered office in its Country of origin, if any, the address of its principal place of business in its place of origin

Proposed director’s passport

Medium sized photo for the proposed director

Email, mobile number and box number for the directors

What is required when Exporting?

Clearing Agent

The Exporter will need to acquire the services of a licensed customs clearing agent. A clearing agent is mandated to process the Exportation documents in the customs system and assist in clearing goods on your behalf. 

 Vat and Export Levy

Exports are not charged value added tax(vat). Some select items attract an export Levy.

 documents required in clearance of Exported goods

To clear any Exported goods requires the engagement of a licensed customs clearing agent. Exportation documents required include but not limited to:

A valid Commercial Invoice;

Certificate of origin

Permit/License for restricted goods

company Taxpayer Identification Number (PIN certificate)

Purchase Orders/Contracts

Packing List

Tax for foreign company in Kenya

Branches of non-resident companies are taxable on all their incomes derived from or accrued in Kenya. In determining the profits of a branch, interest, royalties or management or professional fees paid to the head office are not tax deductible. 

export processing zones enterprises

Export processing zones (EPZs) are designated parts of Kenya that are aimed at promoting and facilitating export oriented investments and to develop an enabling environment for such investments. 

EPZ’s company are exempt from corporate tax during the first 10 years. Licensing of an EPZ shall not include activities that are commercial in nature but manufacturing.

The corporate tax rate is 25% commencing from the 11th year. However, employees and directors, other than non-residents, of an EPZ enterprise are liable to personal income tax.

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