How do I file my annual return to a company in Kenya?

How do I file my annual return to a company in Kenya?

  When it comes to l company rules and regulations the first thing to do is to abide by the Kenya rules that are by abiding by kra tax return this should be on your list to avoid penalties Annual returns are a statutory document that every company registered in Kenya has to file with the registrar of companies. The report shows

  • the current status of the company.
  • structure of a business and the division of shares.
  • It also shows the nominal capital,
  • names, addresses of the directors,
  • shareholders in a company
  • the shareholding.
  • Details of the current registered office and the company secretary should also be addressed in the document.

. Before filing the company’s profits, you are required to register the company on iTax and its Tax obligations.

After you have confirmed the company’s Tax obligations, go to the KRA official website.

A login page will appear for registered users alongside guidelines for the unregistered clients.

 For a firm that has not registered its PIN online, a guideline will be availed to show you how to register your pin online.

You will be redirected to the registration page where you are required to highlight the taxpayers’ type,

the PIN and business registration certificate number. You will also be required to confirm the security stamp. Click on submit.

The Page section will appear. Fill in all your company’s’ details.

The details include the

  • accounting period,
  • type, subtypes, name and
  • the business registration and commencement dates.
  • If your firm has filled in the annual returns before using the new system (iTax), most of your details will be provided.
  • You will only be required to update in case there have been any changes. Please note that all the mandatory sections are filled.
  • If all data has been filled and are correct, the next page should display a “registration successful” and a download link to your new pin certificate
  • These are the steps you need to file KRA returns for a company online:
  • Open an eCitizen account. This can be created by going to the eCitizen official website
  • Select create an account. The type of account you open will depend on your citizenship and residency.
  • After creating the account successfully, select the business registration service by clicking on the “get service now” button.
  • Linking your company will include giving details about your business to the registry for approval.
  • The system will ask you to fill in the information of all directors and the secretary.
  • Their postal address and physical address of the company should also be filled in. After submitting the company’s information, wait for it to be verified and approved by the registry.
  • If some changes or corrections that need to be done to the information given, the same will be sent to you.
  • You will be required to make the changes and submit again for approval.
  • It takes 1-4 days to get approved. Once the registry has approved the details, click on the “maintain company” tab at the top of the screen.
  • Then click “annual returns” from the list on the left of your screen. Select the year of last year you filed.
  • Once the registry approves the details filled into the system, click ‘maintain a company tab’ at the top of the screen.
  • Then click on the ‘annual returns’ tab from the list on the left of your screen.
  • Select the year of last performance, which is the year when you last filed yearly returns. Save the details and continue.
  • Download the Annual Return Form, fill it and have it stamped by the Company Secretary.
  • Upload the duly filled and stamped Annual Return Form for the year that you intend to file annual returns for.
  • Payment- Choose the most suitable payment method and make the payment. The most preferred is via Mpesa.

 The amount payable depends on the year you last filed returns and penalties if any. The system automatically generates the amount to be paid by the firm. Once you have paid, click on the “complete” tab.

The system will then issue a receipt, which can be downloaded.

  • A copy of the filed returns is also available for download.
  • The particulars of an annual return of a corporation include:
  • Amount of share assets of the business and the number of shares into which it is divided.
  • Amount of share taken from the start of the business up to the date of filing.
  • The full amount of the sums paid by commission for any shares or debentures.
  • The physical address of the place where the list of those who have of the business is kept if not in the registered office. The physical address and postal address of the company.

 If the register of members is kept in a different place other than the registered office, the address of the site should be availed. Amount called upon every share. Summary differentiating the shares issued for cash and those issued as wholly or partly paid up in any other means other than money. Discount allowed on the issue of any shares issued at a discount. The total number of shares lost. Number of shares held by shareholders at the time of the return. Share warrants issued and submitted correspondingly since the time of the last return. Details of the total amount of the indebtedness of the company as at the date of this return. This should be in respect of all charges and mortgages required to be registered with the registrar under the Companies Act.

Registration, admissions, activation and login guide Names and postal addresses of all members of the firm. Persons who have stopped to be members since the date of the last return.

A list showing the number of shares held by each existing member at the date of the return.

The names should be arranged in alphabetical order so that they can be easily found. All details of the current directors of the firm as well as those of the secretary,

you will be required to have the following.

 An official certificate signed by the secretary and a director of the business that the firm has not, since its incorporation, provided any request to the civilians to register for any shares or long-term loans.

 A copy qualified by a director and secretary of the auditor’s report on, and of the report of the directors accompanying each balance sheet.

 A duplicate of every balance sheet, certified by both the director and secretary.

The annual returns should be completed within 42 days after the annual general meeting for the year of the annual return. The company must deliver to the registrar a copy of the yearly performance.

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