How to register a company in Kenya online 2022

How to register a company in Kenya online 2022

It is not easy to register a company in Kenya online. it requires a lot of documents on how to register a company in Kenya online in 2021. You can follow the steps below to register a company in Kenya can be challenging. Recently, the Government intervened, and the procedure was streamlined. You can start your business in Kenya, and it will be legal. You don’t have to spend a whole day in long queues when you register a company in Kenya. You can do it in the comfort of your seat. this is everything you need to know about the company registration formula in the country, costs, and much more.

The registrar of corporations is in charge of everything to do with business enlisting. He or she controls the whole process, including the issuance of certificates of compliance and incorporation.

To get such an accreditation, you need the following documentation: a government-issued ID, an NSSF card, a KRA certificate, and an NHIF membership A national ID or passport In addition to the above, the following are the additional requirements to register a company in Kenya: An active email address, a passport-sized photo in soft copy format, a computer, and an active internet connection. and a payment method such as a Visa card.

Use the following procedure if you dream of opening a company in Kenya:

Opening an eCitizen account Gather all the stated documents and follow the steps below:

1. Open your browser: Connect to the internet, double-tap on its icon to launch it.

2. Create an account.

3. Enter your national identity number: Use a valid one. Otherwise, you won’t go to the next level. A company can have directors abroad. However, one of them must be in Kenya to submit the required documentation.

4. Enter your first name: Key in as it appears on your ID card.

5. Validation: Press the validate button, which is usually in blue.

6. Specify your contact details: Type in a valid email, retype it again in the text box below and give out your mobile number.

7. Set a password: Confirm it by keying in a second key similar to the first one

. 8. Accept terms and conditions: Tick the box just below your screen.

9. Click on the “Continue” button: It is green in color and will take you to a new window.

10. Verify the mobile number: Initiate the verification code SMS by pressing the button shown below as soon as you confirm the phone number is correct.

Once you receive the one-time password digits, enter them in the text box shown and press the “Verify Code” button then move to the next step.

Now you have successfully opened an eCitizen account, and it is time to get into the actual phase.

You should adhere to the following: 1. Navigate to “Business Registration Service”: Press the “Get-Service” button next to it. This option is visible on the portal homepage. 2. Start the application: Press the “Make Application” button.

3. Choose your company type:

There are six types of entities in Kenya, namely:

Private Limited Company (LTD):

A company limited by shares. Public Limited Company (PLC):

Members can transfer shares as they wish.

Company Limited by Guarantee (LTD):

Liability is limited by members’ contributions in case of a wound-up.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP): Combines elements of a company to those of partnership. Foreign company: An existing corporation registered in another state other than its origin country. Sole proprietorship: A company owned by one individual.

4. Name Search and Reservation: Next step. All applicants are required to undertake it, which takes one day for processing.

6. Describe the chosen name: Include a brief account of your company, which should be less than 185 characters long.

7. Press the “Continue” button: This is a grey button on the bottom right part of your PC screen.

8. Confirm the information provided: A brief review of your application will be shown. Go through it to ascertain if it is correct. Check the tick box just below the section and click on the “Finish” option.

9. Pay the application charges

: Name Search Fee of Ksh. 100 and Convenience Fee of Ksh. 50 is payable. Y

ou can use the following methods to top-up: M-Pesa Debit/Credit/Prepaid Card Airtel Money EazzyPay E-Agent KCB Cash Equity Cash Pesalink Each of the mentioned methods will have a set of instructions including which account you should enter/deposit money to and pay bill numbers. You only have to specify it so that they can appear

Filling in company registration forms in Kenya After approval, you should now move to the next stage, which involves completing the stated documentation.

1. Fill in the business details on form CR1: Begin by specifying your company name, location, type, and so on. Indicate whether you have articles of association or not. Specify the business start date, number of employees, and accounting period. The contact address field is mandatory and should be filled incorrectly. Enter the details of all the directors and attach their KRA PIN certificates, Passport-sized pictures, and ID card. You should also make sure the company structure is well shown in the document as well as paid-up capital

. 2. Specify your company’s directors: This should be captured on form CR8. This is a requirement by the Kenyan government, and each of the directors’ residence information should be included. Include their legal names, home addresses, signatures, and date

. 3. Describe your company’s nominal capital. This is usually on the BN6 and KRA forms. On this document, fill in your approved firm name and your name. Under the corresponding text boxes, indicate how much capital you have in Kenyan shillings. In the case of a public limited company, specify the number of shares.

4. Stamp duty payment: You need to get the above form sealed by the Kenya Revenue Authority. You will be given instructions on how to pay for the stamp duty as soon as you produce the valid Kenyan ID numbers of all your shareholders and employees. The amount paid is equivalent to 1% of your nominal capital. The minimum is Ksh. 2,140. You will also shell out Ksh. 100 for each document t that requires verification.

5. The Memorandum and Articles outline your company objectives, rules, authorized capital share, and subscribers. Before filling your final paperwork, make sure these documents are well-written by an advocate or an administrative assistant.

Memorandum of Association (MOU) details the business name, how many shareholders you have, and the value of each share. Article of Association entails rules and regulations. It also contains members’ liability, powers of directors, rights of shareholders, and specifies how directors are appointed and removed.

6. The forms and the article of association should be collected and filed together. Relevant copies of the needed documents should be attached. Seal all these in a large envelope and address them to the registrar of companies. Residents of Nairobi should deliver it to the Business Registration Department by hand to finish registration. You need to pay Ksh. 10,650 via the eCitizen portal. Alternatively, you could use a credit card at the Registrar’s office. The envelope should be addressed to The Chief Registrar of the Judiciary,

7. Save your Business registration certificate: Finally, log into your eCitizen account, follow prompts to save your certificate to your local disk. KRA takes around 3 days to process your application. It is usually 3-4 days.

For more detailed information, you can refer to Kenya’s online business registration form.

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