Investing and Doing Business in Kenya

Investing and Doing Business in Kenya
Then Kenya is a country in which you can do business in a way that enables you to get to Kenya, Burundi, Djibouti, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and get on with your business.
Significant improvements have been made in the ease of doing business in Kenya, which has led many foreign companies to establish their regional headquarters in Kenya.

Kenya has a robust and growing economy. It is widely considered to be an upper middle income country, although exact determination of income is difficult. The primary sectors are manufacturing, services, mining and agriculture. The economy of Kenya is service driven and has substantial manufacturing capacity.

Reasons As To Why Investors Prefer Kenya Include The Following;
Qualified Work Force
Dynamic Private Sector
Harmonious industrial Relations
Preferential Market Access
High Returns
Convenient Time Zone
Available Investment Opportunities In Kenya Are Spread Across The Following Industries
Energy Sector
Information and Information and Communication Technology
Manufacturing Sector
Pharmaceutical Sector
Tourism Sector
Transport and Infrastructure Sector
Agricultural Sector
Trade Sector
Water and irrigation Sector
Building& Construction
Mining Sector
The Incentives Granted to Foreign Investors by the Government of Kenya include the following;
Manufacture Under bond programs
100% investment allowance
Duty and VAT exemption on machinery, Equipment’s and Raw materials.
Export processing zones
Free trade zone. The incentives and services granted to foreign investors in Kenya are more than that of any other part of the continent. In fact, it is the only African country where foreign investors are exempt from paying capital gains taxes. In addition, the government of Kenya offers a 100% investment allowance, duty and VAT exemption on machinery, equipment and raw materials.

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