local representative services for foreign companies in Kenya

A foreign company may not be registered in Kenya unless it has at least one local representative.  A local representative may be any person of the company’s choice but must be resident in Kenya. A local representative is always required to be present at the registered office of the company in Kenya when the office is open.

The name and particulars of the local representative must be stated in the application for registration form.

Local representatives are responsible for ensuring compliance by the company of all requirements under the Companies Act, 2015 and may be personally liable for any penalty imposed on the company for contravention of or non-compliance with the Act.  It is an offense for a foreign company to carry on business in Kenya for more than 21 days without a local representative

Our Local Representative services include:

Monitoring and ensuring compliance with statutory requirements, where practicable and informing the client in case there is a change in requirements;

Generally accepting business on behalf of the Company;

Liaising with the client for certification of the Audited Financial Reports and Statements and on receipt of the same, filing with the Registrar of Companies;

The use of our office as the Registered office of the Company, if so required and affixing in a conspicuous manner the name, place of origin and liability of members of the Company on the outside of our office as prescribed by the Companies Act, 2015;

Ensuring that the Registered Office is kept open on each business day as prescribed by the Companies Act, 2015; and

Attending to any other duties as prescribed by the Companies Act, 2015 of the laws of Kenya.

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