Online Foreign Company Registration in Kenya

A foreign-owned company is a company registered in a foreign jurisdiction seeking to register the same company in Kenya and getting a Certificate of compliance to conduct its business in Kenya.
Foreign company registration enables a foreign entity to maintain its original corporate identity, structure, and legal status as is in the foreign jurisdiction in Kenya and to acquire legal status to trade locally.
How to register a foreign company in Kenya
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Foreign company registration process.
Name reservation
Execution of forms F236, F237, F238
Appointment of Local representative.
Registration and issuance of certificate of Incorporation
PIN application
Requirements for registration of a Foreign company
Scanned certified copy of the certificate of incorporation of the company from the country of registration.
Scanned certified copy of the Memorandums and Articles of Association of the company. (If in a Foreign language, interpreted and certified copy)
Registered office in country of origin (Plot / House number, road, City, country)
The registered office of the Branch in Kenya. (Name of building/ location, plot number, road, county).
Names of the Directors/shareholders and share structure.
Contact information of the directors/shareholders – Email address, Telephone number, postal address and residential addresses.
Scans of Passport bio-data and a passport photo of directors/shareholders.
Appointment of local representative
Appointment of local representative.
Names in full of the local representative.
Copy of ID and PIN of the local representative..
Scan passport photo of the local representative.
Contact information of the local representative. IE. Postal address, email, Telephone number.
Residential address of the local representative.
We also provide a whole range of post-registration services to our clients.
Foreign director PIN
Foreign Company PIN
Bank account processing
A PIN is a Tax registration certificate required by persons and corporates to open a bank account, get a least, single business permit etc..