1. The applicant to complete the prescribed form i.e. Form 13A.
  2. Proposed operating name of the business if different from the registered
  3. Business form (sole Proprietorship of joint venture)
  4. Names of Directors and shareholders to be supported by a current CR12
  5. A PIN Certificate & Tax compliance certificate from Kenya Revenue
  6. A copy of the certificate of incorporation or registration as the case may
  7. Certificate of Good Conduct for the Company Directors
  8. Memorandum and articles of association for your company whose objects
    must among others include gaming
  9. Evidence of capacity to undertake public gaming operation in a seamless
  10. A business plan showing the minimum investment and Sources of funding
  11. Submit a broad statement on the choice of Kenya for the licenses applied
    for and the anticipated benefits to :-
     Punters/players
     Kenyan public
     Government of Kenya
     Directors and shareholders
  12. The proposed games of chance to be offered in the casino with a brief
    description of each game.
  13. The name and full address of the company(s)/manufacturer(s) that/who
    will be providing the applicant with the gaming equipment, such as tables,
    Gaming machines, cards and all other devices and systems to be used in
  14. The rules for all the games to be offered as well as the pay back
  15. Proposal on how to mitigate excessive play and underage participation
  16. Dispute resolution procedure
  17. Audited Accounts for applicants other business operation for the last
    three (3) years, and evidence that none of them has a pending litigation
    and if any,
    provide Case No., nature and status
  18. The proposed principal place of business Physical and contact address
  19. In case of a leased premises copy of lease agreement executed due to be
    executed, The location will be subject to inspection to determine its
    suitability as a public gaming premises and for a new public gaming
    premises the location must be at least 5 kilometers from existing and
    operating public gaming premises.
  20. In addition to the submission of above information you will be expected to
    complete a Probity form to facilitate due diligence. The Probity form must
    be completed by all directors to facilitate due diligence.
  21. Demonstrate ability to pay the applicable fees shown below.
     Application fees – Kshs.1,000,000/=(non–refundable)
     License fee Grant – Kshs.3,000,000/=
     Investigation fee
    Local Director – Kshs. 250,000(non-refundable)
    Foreign Director – Kshs.1,000,000/=(non-refundable)
    These above fees are paid upfront and are non-refundable
     Annual License fee – Kshs. 500,000/=
     License renewal – Kshs. 25000/=
  22. Commencement of operations.
    Upon successful applications and issuance of a license to an applicant,
    the license MUST be operationalised within six (6) months and evidence
    shall be required to demonstrate commencement of operations or
    milestones achieved towards its operationalization.
    All applicants shall be required to appear before the Board and make a
    presentation regarding the proposed operation for the licence applied for. The
    presentation shall be judged on the following criteria;
     Understanding of the operations regarding the licence being applied
    for in this case Public Gaming(casino).
     Submission of the requisite documents
     Level of preparedness to commence operations
     Demonstrate innovativeness and creativity
     Potentiality.
    The Board may require further details merited to finalize your application
    request in conforming to the regulations as per the Betting Lotteries and
    Gaming Act, Cap 131 Laws of Kenya. You shall also be issued with
    operational requirements for the licence once your applications is successful
    NB: The Board shall also inspect your proposed location and the premises to determine their suitability for Public Gaming (Casino).

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