Register a Foreign Limited Company in Kenya

Register a Foreign Limited Company in Kenya

As it stands, there are five common ways for foreigners to set up or own a limited company in Kenya.

I. Register a Foreign Company With a Kenyan Partner as Director

This is one of the easiest ways for a foreigner to set up a company in Kenya. A foreigner owner who has a Kenyan partner will not be required to provide a KRA PIN and Alien ID which take enormous time and effort to acquire.


II. Register a Foreign Company with Nominee Director

This route will provide you with a service where a nominee will act as a director of your company during the registration process to meet the requirements needed to set up a company. Nominee Director will only hold a 1% share of the company.

III. Opening a Branch of an Existing Foreign Company

To open a branch or subsidiary in Kenya of an existing foreign company, you will need to register for a Certificate of Compliance. You must provide a copy of your Certificate of Incorporation, a copy of Memorandum and a Company Tax Registration Certificate of the existing foreign company.

IV. Register a  Foreign Company Fully Owned by Foreign Nationals

Foreign owners intending to register their company without a Kenyan partner will be required to provide a KRA PIN for the application. In order to acquire this document as a foreigner, they will first have to get an Alien ID, for which they become eligible for after three months of consecutive residency in Kenya.

V. Acquire an Existing Company Previously Owned by Kenyans

Through acquisition or merger, foreigners can pay an agreed amount for a target Kenyan business and start the process of changing ownership by adding and removing directors and shareholders.

KRA PIN – This is the most important document your company must obtain to do any business in Kenya. Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) PIN can be used to open a business bank account, perform tax returns on rental income, applying for Government tenders, purchase of land, buying and selling a property and many other business transactions.

All this is guided by the company acts of 2015 laws of Kenya

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