To start trading in Kenya, you need to register your company with Company Registry and then register with Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). With the introduction of the Company Act 2015, it only requires a minimum of 1 director. Company director must be 18 years old or over.

The registration process usually takes two or less depending on company registry workload and processing speed, your requirements availability and readiness with payment required for e-Citizen registration fees.

We are excited that you want to register your limited company and we are happy to get everything started so you can start trading soon.

The company registration is done online at the government e-citizen portal. You require the following information and documents to complete your registration process

  1. Proposed five company names.
  2. Objectives of the Company. The nature of Business / activities the company shall
  3. Names of the shareholders in Full.
  4. Names of the Directors in full if different from the shareholders.
  5. Postal addresses, Email address and Telephone Number of the shareholders and Directors.
  6. Number of shares to be held by each shareholder.
  7. Proposed Physical address of the company. The Physical Address includes road, plot number,
    town, county.
  8. Copy of ID / Passport of the Shareholders / Directors.
  9. Passport photos of the Shareholders / Directors.
  10. Copy of tax PIN certificate of the Shareholders / Directors.

After having all the above information, the company application is made through the government e-citizen takes one day to register you company and get your incorporation certificate.

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