The National Construction Authority is empowered by the National Construction Authority Act no. 41 of 2011 to accredit and certify skilled construction workers and construction site supervisors.

Accreditation ensures that all individuals participating in the various trades have the necessary skill to undertake the same. The trades covered are masonry, plumbing, electrical wiring, tiling, roofing.

Accreditation is open to all skilled construction workers and construction site supervisors. The process is as follows:

1. The applicant picks an accreditation form from the NCA offices or downloads the form on the website,

2. The applicant submits the form at the any NCA office, including the county offices

3. The Evaluation Committee assesses the application for verification, and if correct submits it to the Accreditation Committee. If the data provided is incorrect or insufficient the submission is rejected

4. The Accreditation Committee, if satisfied with the evaluation criteria, either recommends a trade test (in the case of an experience-based application) or recommends the applicant for accreditation. After successful completion of the test, the applicant begins the application process afresh.

5. Approved applications are then presented to the Board of Directors for the final approval

6. The Board, if satisfied that all criteria have been met accordingly, approves the application for accreditation

7. The Registrar of Contractors writes to the applicant informing them of their successful application for accreditation

8. The applicant receives the letter of approval and makes payments

9. An accreditation license is then issued to the applicant.

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