Special Pass Permit application in Kenya.

Special Pass Permit application in Kenya.
A Special Pass in Kenya is an immigration Permit issued to foreign nationals wishing to work in Kenya for several months. It is commonly referred to as a temporary work permit.
A Special Pass permit is issued for a period of 3 months and may in some cases be extended for another 3 months. A special permit is also generally issued were a study permit is pending. This permit is not issued to study/scholarship holders and also to those holding a student visa or a student permit. However, a student visa holder, or a student permit holder may apply for an extension of their visa. A visa extension can only be granted if the permit holder has been in the country for a period of 3 months. The Special Pass Permit holder is limited to a maximum of 9 months in the country. The holder of the permit does not have to apply for a visa extension but may apply for a permit extension if he/she is still in the process of completing his/her studies. The permit holder is only allowed to work in Kenya for the duration of the permit. This permit holder will be able to apply for a student visa extension. This permit is renewable upon submission of a completed application form. The permit holder is required to renew this permit every 3 months.t
Application for a Special Pass in Kenya.

  1. Copy of certificate of incorporation/registration of the employer company or organization.
  2. Copy of the Memorandums or registration documents of the company or organization.
  3. PIN certificate of the Company / Organization.
  4. Copy of the current Passport of the applicant.
  5. Passport photo of the applicant.
  6. CV of the applicant..
  7. Academic qualification certificates of the applicant..
  8. Cover letter of the employer or organization.
  9. Contact information of both the applicant and the employer. Email addresses, Telephone number, Postal address.
  10. Physical address of the company and Residential address of the applicant.
    A special pass is processed and issued to qualified applicants upon application.
    How to apply for a Special Pass in Kenya
    Upon compilation of the requirements. We shall fill out the Special pass application and submit the application for processing, clearance and approval. A special pass application may take anything between 10 days to a month to process. the application is processed, the applicant will be issued a special pass. The special pass is vaild for a period of three months, after which, a renewal form is required to be submitted for extension.