Tax and Accounting Services in Kenya.

Our Tax Accounting Services team can assist you with a wide range of tax accounting issues in Kenya, including:

  • Increasing focus on the tax function’s tax accounting strategic objectives within, such as effective tax rate management
  • Improving documentation over the tax accounting function
  • Improving accuracy of tax accounting balances through outsourcing the preparation and/or review of quarterly and annual tax accounting calculations
  • Integrating tax accounting within a company’s financial reporting cycle, as well as including taxes in forecasts
  • Improving the design of tax accounting controls, including assistance with re-engineering the tax accounting process and remediation of controls that are not effective
  • Reviewing and selecting tax accounting technology solutions
  • Determining and documenting tax contingency reserves
  • Implementing new accounting standards, such as FIN 48 and IFRS, and GAAP reconciliations

We know effective management of your tax accounting function is vital to your organization’s bottom-line, shareholder value and reputation. We can assist you in all aspects of your organization’s tax accounting function, from the preparation or review of tax accounting calculations to the re-design of your tax accounting function.

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