the Most Common Business Licenses in Kenya

the Most Common Business Licenses in Kenya

Depending on different factors, there are several licenses that one has to acquire.. Operating a business without the necessary licenses may result in breaking of laws concerning business and may cost your business negatively.

A business owner has to make sure that they understand all the licenses and have them in the place with the proper authorities. It is a known fact that the tax professionals are the most concerned people regarding the licenses.

The tax professionals are responsible for the correct filing of the necessary documents so that the operation of the business does not go against the law. The business owner wants to make sure that the tax professionals are aware of the licenses required for the business. They want to make sure the tax professionals take care of the business and operate it in the right way. The business owners are usually the ones needing the help of the tax professionals and not vice-versa.

The business owners have to make sure that the business is run in the right way. Otherwise they may face negative consequences that may lead to lawsuits. They should hire a business attorney to make sure that the business is properly run. The tax professionals can help other professionals in the way of the taxes only. They will have to make

1. Single Business Permit

This license is issued from any city count offices to indicate that your business is legal and permitted to operate in a particular town or county.

2. Health Permit

This license is issued for those business handling human consumption stuffs like food. Those with business like hotels, offering medical services and shops needs this licenses.

3. KRA permit

This permit is issued from the Kenya Revenue Authority. For every business that you operate, paying tax is a mandatory regarding the laws and regulation of the country.

4. Nema Permit

This permit is issued by the National Environmental Management of Kenya. If your business is not silent like road construction, music, using any public address system, you need this license.

5. Alcohol and Liquor License

Business selling any form of alcohol, you need to acquire this license for the operation of this business. A liquor license or permit must first be obtained by any restaurant or store that wishes to sell alcohol. Every state has its own laws regulating how alcohol can be consumed, and liquor licenses allow them to enforce those regulations by requiring regulations to be followed by bars, restaurants, and liquor stores.

6.Fire and Safety License

For big businesses that operate under a large roof, this license is mandatory for the safety of both the sellers and the clients. In such areas, you will only be issued this certificate when you have the fire safety tools in place.

7. Driving license

In a business that evolves driving like a Taxi business or bodaboda, you need a valid driving license. Make sure that the driver, whether he is a newbie or a seasoned one has a valid driving license. For those who are getting driving lessons, it is mandatory that you have a driving license. 8. Food and Beverage permit Every business that is offering food and drinks to the public needs to have a food and beverage permit. This is very common for bars, restaurants.

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