what is a foreigner certificate in Kenya

How to apply for a foreign certificate in Kenya

Foreign certificate is the same as an alien card. This is a document issue by the Kenyan government for foreigners who plans to exceed 90 days stay in Kenya. It’s issued by the immigration department of Kenya.

Having all the documents required for online foreign certificate application is the first step of acquisition of an Alien ID in Kenya.

The next big step comes during the application process online at https://fns.immigration.go.ke/auth/

The Application Process

You’ll be required tocreate an individual account.

Follow this link to create a login account https://fns.immigration.go.ke/auth/

In order to access the eFNS portal, you’ll need to login into the account you’ve just created.

After logging in to your eFNS portal, you’ll be required to click on the “apply now” link provided.

That done, you need to submit your application. Select the “Submit application” tab. Click on the foreign national tab ONLY.

Upon completion of the application form, click on dashboard then click the payment section.

Make your payment with whichever mode suits you

If you happen to experience some trouble making your payments, don’t panic.

Print your application form by clicking on “Dashboard” then click on “My Applications” tab.

With all the required documents, submit your application at the immigration counter in Nyayo House, Nairobi or any other immigration office.

You’ll then receive a notification via your email address about your application process

What are the requirements for Application of foreigner certificate

1. Be over 18 years of age
2. The Applicant must have a valid travel documents.
3. Have valid immigration status, for example, a valid entry permit
4. Be resident in the country for more than 90 days from date of entry into Kenya
5. 2 passport size photographs

6. Self-presentation to an immigration officer for registration

7. Applicants must be fingerprinted
8. Registration/Initial Application fee of KES 2,000

9. The renewal fee is KES1, 000 per year

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