Registering a company in Kenya is a simple process that is done within few minutes when one has the required documents and information, the Kenyan government has stepped in and streamlined the registration process. Whether you’re a Kenyan citizen or a foreign business owner looking to open your business in Kenya, the process is done online hence no hard copies are delivered to the registrar of companies as it used to be. You need to have the relevant documents in soft copies .follow the following steps to register your company either as a Kenyan resident, foreigner resident or foreigner non- resident in Kenya .all company registration services is offered online at the government e-citizen portalPart1

Making an e-Citizen Account

An e-citizen account is a portal that enables you to get some of the government services in Kenya online. These services include business registration services, company registration services and company secretarial services. E-Citizen is the online portal through which the Kenyan government conducts much of its official business. Start your eCitizen account online registration at: https://www.ecitizen.go.ke. Click on “Create an account” in the top-right corner.

If you’re a foreign citizen living in Kenya, you will use your Foreigner Certificate number or your alien identity card.

A Kenyan company can have directors who live abroad and are not Kenyan citizens. At least one of the directors will have to be a Kenyan citizen, though, so that they can access e-Citizen and submit certain forms. This is a requirement under the companies’ act of 2015

Follow all the steps and register your e-citizen account. After creating your account, you can access the eCitizen online portal. Choose the business registration option after opening the e -citizen portal

Begin your application by choosing your business type. Once you’re in the Business Registration Service, click on “Make Application.” On the next screen, click “Business registration Application.” From there, choose the type of business you’d like to create. There are 6 main types of business entities in Kenya. These are:

Sole proprietorships

Public company

Private company


Limited liability partnership

Company by guarantee

 Foreign company

Company cr 12

Company share transfer/directors resignation

Choose the type of company you want to register. Choose five company names in order of priority as you may want to register the company. Fill in the other details in the e-citizen provided pages. Attach the directors’ passport photo and generate the company registration forms. The form that are generated are cr 1,cr 2 cr 8 and nominal capital statement forms .sign and scan this form back online. You will download your business certificate from the eCitizen platform.  Once everything has been approved and your business is officially registered, the business certificate will be posted online in your eCitizen portal. With the introduction of the Company Act 2015, it only requires a minimum of 1 director. Company director must be 18 years old or over. To start trading in Kenya, you need to register your company with Company Registry and then register with Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

Before you start the process make sure you have the following documents

  1. Kenya identity card (id)
  2. Kenya revenue authority pin certificate(kra)
  3. Passport photo
  4. Mobile number, email address and p .o box number
  5. Office location, residential address for shareholders
  6. The created e-citizen account

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