What is the procedure for registration of a company

What is the procedure for registration of a company

By registering a company in Kenya that is the greatest achievement you can get because there are fewer employment jobs in Kenya hence it’s better to own your business or company. The government through the Registrar of Companies developed an online platform; eCitizen, to ease the registration process.

So, before you begin the process of registering your business, make sure you have done enough research, gathered the right team and have the resources to shoot for the sky. Seek advice from mentors and have a business plan.

The Registrar of Companies in Kenya carries out the registration of companies and other forms of businesses in Kenya pursuant to the Companies Act, 2015 of the Laws of Kenya.

Documents required

  1. Application and reservation of the company name
    We start the registration of a company in Kenya with the search of the desired company name. The Registrar of companies in Kenya can only register a name that is not similar to another registered company in Kenya. The Registrar of Companies has given new requirements for the name to be registered.
  2. The Registrar of Companies will approve and issue the applicant with a letter confirming that the name is available for registration.
  3. Form CR 1– We will assist to prepare the application for registration of a company in Kenya. We will require the following details;
    1. The registered office of the Company in Kenya
    1. Director/shareholder details
    1. Liability of members (by shares or guarantee)
    1. If the company is private or public, consent of the director/secretary
    1. Address of the agent making the application of the Registration of the Company in Kenya
  4. Form CR 2  – We will lodge with the Registrar of Companies in Kenya the model memorandum of association. Please note that unless stated explicitly in the memorandum, the company will not be restricted in the business it carries out.
  5. Statement of Nominal Share Capital duly stamped upon payment of stamp duty. The payment of stamp duty has now been waived and this is no longer a requirement to register a company in Kenya.
  6. Notification of directors’ residential address. (Form CR8)– We will lodge with the Registrar of Companies a notification of the director’s residential address. The Registrar of Companies in Kenya requires all directors to provide comprehensive detail of their residential address. This will include the plot no, physical address, road, building, and postal address.
  7. Articles of Association – We can assist a company to prepare its own articles of association or adopt the model articles provided for in the Kenyan Companies Act.
  8.  Identification documents- The Kenyan Companies Act requires that directors will be required to provide the national identity card, passport photographs, and PIN Certificates.

Requirements to register a company in Kenya


For Kenyan Citizens attach copies of:

  • Identification Card (ID)
  • Personal Identification Number certificate (PIN)
  • Passport size photo (colored)

For Non-Kenyans (Foreigners) attach copies of:

  • Passport pages with bio data
  • Passport size photo (colored)

Corporate Shareholders

Attach a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the company

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